Icon Legend

Icon Name Function
Plus Add something new to the system—a student, teacher, Festival, Festival Area, etc.
Edit Change information. (Seen throughout the system.)
View|Edit Change information. (Seen throughout the system.)
File Box Archive a teacher or student. (The system removes from view non-relevant information. All information still remains in the system, however.)
Camera View a snapshot of information. (Depending on the module, view a student's total performance history or view registrations for a particular festival, etc.)
Star Declare a solo class for a student. (Seen only by Admins.)
Trash Can Delete information permanently.
Person (User) Edit profile information.
Down Arrow Display more information.
PDF Download a PDF. (rating sheet, invoice, or performance schedule)
Envelope Email an invoice or schedule to a teacher.
List Access a list of options. (Seen throughout the system, particularly in the scheduling module.)
Undo Undo an action. Use this if the wrong radio button has been clicked when entering ratings.
Magnifying Glass View more information. (Used in multiple modules.)
Copy Copy identical information. (Use while setting up a Festival schedule to make an identical room with the same time windows.)
Arrow Move information. (Use to move scheduled performances back to an unscheduled status.)
Circle Slash Deactivate a teacher and the teacher's Area relationship.
Register Register a student for a Festival.
Performance List View a student’s performances list.
Manual Entry Manually enter a student's historical performances.
Unapprove Unapprove a previously approved registration.